Project Management

Project Management is an important part for mold manufacture. We need take care all of steps carefully. If there is any tiny mistakes in one step, we can't make sure our high effifiency and quality. With our 16 years in business as an injection mold manufacturer we know successful project starts and ends with experienced management. In order for a complex mold development project to be completed on-time and within budget, superior project management is not a luxury. It is a requirement.

When you work with JT Molds, your project will be assigned to an experienced Managing Director Manager who will oversee every aspect of development. From prototyping to lab testing, to tooling and product design, we have the technology and expertise to design and manufacture the products you need. You will be updated on the progress of your project every step of the way. When your project is complete, you will receive a comprehensive project manual, detailing the production of your mold from start to finish along with a copy of your mold design.

For any questions, JT Mold will give quick response and quotation within 5 HOURS Submiting weekly report for manufacture processing on EVERY MONDAY.

Flow Chart