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Plastic Injection Mold

Plastic Injection mold 

Over 16 years, JT Mold has built various molds from auotomotive parts to eletric appliances and housing appliances. We continue to STUDY and INVEST in cutting edge technology that will provide shorter production lead times as well as reductions in cost for our partners.There's a reason customers choose JT Mold when looking for industry-leading plastic injection molds.  With an average of more than 16  years experience, our engineers and skilled machinists are prepared to meet any challenge in designing and building plastic injection molds.

Maximum mold loading: 8 TONS

Mold standard:

DME and HASCO components; LKM mold base.

Mold Steel:
S136, S136H and 718H , NAK80 and P20, 420, H13 etc.



Baby Plastics Injection Mold

Baby Plastics Injection Mold is samll size(Mold Base Size:156*156mm, Weight: 50kg)of plastics injection mold. We can design a mold base which appropriate to use for normal injection molding machine.The processing way is same as normal injection mold but with more competitive price and quicker lead time(15 days).This is ideal for producing small and microscopic parts and is suitable for processing all injectable thermoplastic materials.