Machined Parts

Machined Parts 

• CNC High Speed Machining
• CNC Sinker EDM
• Wire EDM
• Precision Surface Grinding
• Graphite High Speed Machining

Our complete tool shop offers precision machining services.  We machine a variety of materials ranging from plastics to metals. We strive to be the most cost effective while maintaining required tolerances.
We look forward to the opportunity to prepare a quote for your machining needs. We can take your job from conception to completion quickly and cost-effectively. We guarantee ultra-precision machined products, superior quality, competitive pricing, quick turn-around, on-time delivery and responsive customer care.


Project Analysis:

Material: Aluminum 6061(China domestic material)

Lead time: 40 days

Processing steps:      -CNC ROUGHING;
                                  -CNC FINE MACHINING;
                                  -CNC REFINE MACHINING;